Jill Clark Traditions of the Holidays

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I hope that your holidays were fantastic and enjoyed your time with your loved ones!
I spent quality time with my adorable granddaughter, Annie and my amazing children- Tiffany, Amanda & Chris and Molly. We went to our traditional Chicago Symphony AND Russian Tea Room. My parents started a Christmas Eve tradition of Fondue because being a family of a Father who coached football and both my brother and I played sports, we NEVER sat down longer than 15 minutes for a family dinner.  My Mother wanted a “meal” that we would enjoy for an evening. Therefore, we went to mass then gathered around a table and enjoyed watching a holiday classic- ours is “Christmas Vacation”.   We have a scavenger hunt with gifts found at the end (used to be pajamas) now it is high tech “toys” and we enjoy the evening with family and friends and fondue. The “kids” get to bed before midnight so that Santa can arrive. On some evenings Santa “appeared” early and the kids would quickly get into bed.  Such Fun!

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